Camp Horse Country
Jacob Tollum's 2014 Winning Essay


Horse Country Farm by Jacob Tollum

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved horses. I had a lot of stuffed animal horses and even a big plastic Bay horse (sshhh…I think it may have been a Barbie horse). J I loved playing with them and even used all kinds of ropes, shoe laces and strings as halters, to lead and tie them all together, as a pulling team. My grandpa has a chestnut Quarter gelding named Lad and I was able to sit on him every once in a while when we visited. Not as much or how I wanted to though. 

It wasn’t until my 11th birthday that I was finally able to ride on my own horse by myself.  My mom bought me a two-hour horse ride at Horse Country Farm for my birthday. I was hooked instantly! I felt like I could do anything with my new buddy, Colorado. I found out they had summer horse camps and I really wanted to go. I was able to go last summer to Camp Horse Country. It was long hours, hard work, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Sage. Once school started back up, my mom gave me the option of playing soccer again or going back to Horse Country Farm twice a month for Saddle Club. I could only do one hobby at a time and I chose my horses! To this day, I love what I am doing for myself. I don’t regret my decision.

I think Horse Country Farm has really helped me in so many ways. I feel like it’s also been some kind of therapy for me. Being at Horse Country Farm has helped me get my mind off of some pretty stressful things in my life, like divorce, school problems, but mostly my lack of self-confidence. I have learned so much from being with the horses.  I’ve even learned a lot on my own, by researching on the internet and watching a lot of YouTube videos on horses, their care and different breeds all over the world.

Fun Fact: There are over 150 horse breeds. Various breeds serve different needs, depending on where they’re located (agriculture, competition and just plain old pets).

I really hope I am able to receive some scholarship awards toward CIT training. My mom pays for my Sunday Saddle Club now and without some help, I’m not sure we’ll be able to afford the CIT training class. I think I’m ready for this new set of responsibilities and training. I would like to be an inspiration for other kids like me, who can’t afford horses of their own, but would love the experience of being with horses, riding and learning all of the responsibility involved with these big, gentle beauties.


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