Camp Horse Country

at Horse Country Farm, Granite Falls, Washington

Camp Programs . . . . .


Camp Horse Country Summer Day Camps for New Riders!
Let's go trail riding!

5 Day “Wild West” Ridin’ Camp 

Beginners - 8 to 14 years old.

3+ Hours in the Saddle Each Day!


What could be better?

Bring lots of long, skinny carrots for your new horsy friend.


Ride for hours, Saddle, and Groom, Western.

Trail Rides

 Riding Lessons
Games on Horseback


Horse Care ~ Stall cleaning, feeding & watering


A REAL Horse Show on the last day with ribbons and trophies.

Mondays - Fridays 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


June, July and August

Total Cost:  $445.00

Email for a "Wild West Camp" Application.

Yes, we learn to ride bareback - without saddles!
Advanced Wild West Camp 

Intermediate Riders, 8 to 14 years old.
3+ hours in the saddle each day.

Build your riding skills from what you learned in Wild West Camp

Trail Rides
Advanced Games on Horseback,
 A REAL Horse Show too, with ribbons and trophies.

Mondays - Fridays 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM in August

Total Cost $489

 CHOOSE Your Own Horse! Some Restrictions Apply.

Email for an Advanced Wild West Camp Application.





 Beginners – 8-14 years

3+ hours in the saddle each day.

All day with your own horse.

Ride, Saddle, and Groom. Trail Rides, Lessons, Games on Horseback,

Horse Care, Horse Show!


Monday-Friday, 9AM-4PM ~ 5 Days Only $445.00




Cowgirl/Cowboy-In-Training Leadership Camp


The “Best” C.I.T. Horse Program Anywhere!

We RIDE a lot!!! And Teach! And Train! Wow!!!




Monday–Thursday, 8AM-6PM, Friday, 8AM-4PM!


Trail Rides * Arena Riding * Corral Riding * Horse Show * Stall Cleanin’

 *Tack Cleanin’ * Horse Cleanin’ * Leadership Training * Fun * Lessons

* Super-Educational * Huge Discount for all the Summer Camps You Do! * Cowboy Dressage * Challenging * Fun *Barrel Racing * Wow!

5 Days Only $499.00


Summer Camp Counseling Weeks with horse & lots of riding ~ $175 Per Week ~ for CIT graduates

Email for a Spring Break Camp Application

What Does Your Child Do at Camp Horse Country?
*Our camp days are full of horsy activities and are typically like this:

8:00 Cowgirl/Cowboys in Training, (C.I.Ts) arrive and help with Horsy Morning Chores.

9:00 Wild West and Horse-Crazy Campers arrive and are signed in by parents. Campers put away lunches, get their equestrian helmets and "Good Morning" carrots and come to Friendship Circle. After Friendship Circle, Barn Buddy Time and Virtual Riding, Campers greet their horses. Then, they set up their Grooming Stations. 

9:45 Groom and Saddle Time

10:30 Snack and Water Break in the Party Barn

10:45 Morning Riding Lesson 

12:15 Lunch Time in the Party Barn

1:00 Virtual Riding, After Lunch - "Bridle-Up" carrots - Time for a Riding Lesson, Trail Ride or Games on Horseback.

3:30 Snack and Water Break in the Party Barn

3:45 "Goodbye Carrots" for all Wild West Camp horses. "Bridle-Up" carrots for Horse-Crazy camper's, Cowgirl/Cowboys in Training - C.I.T.'s horses. Wild West campers signed out by parents. Horse-Crazy campers, Cowgirl/Cowboys in Training have a Riding Lesson, Trail Ride, Games in one of the arenas.

4:45 Horse-Crazy campers, Cowgirl/Cowboys in Training, unsaddle their horses and begin helping with Horsy Night Chores.

5:30 Horse-Crazy campers and C.I.T.s finish Horsy Chores and are signed out by parents.

*The first day of each camp session begins with administrative sign-in which takes a bit longer, a farm tour, horse assignments, and horse safety before we begin the grooming and saddling class. Newer riders may need more time to prepare their horses. More experienced riders need less time to prepare, so they will have additional hours in the saddle. The last day of camp, campers decorate their horses for the camp show which generally takes place from 1-3PM (or so). Your flexibility as well as your child's is greatly appreciated since this schedule is subject to change depending on barn - camp - horsy conditions.
Horseback Riding for *Little 'Uns! (*5-7 years old)
Wyoming says, "I love little beginners, especially those with carrots!"

Is your child too young for horse camp?

Sign up your little horse-lovers for lessons and they'll know what to do when they're 8 and old enough for camp!

Private Lessons

$45.00 Per 1/2 Hour ~ $75.00 Per Hour

Semi-Private Lessons (2-3 Students)

$40.00 Per 1/2 Hour ~ $65.00 Per Hour


Class Lessons - (4 Students or more) 

$35.00 Per 1/2 Hour ~ $55.00 Per Hour  

Call 360-691-7509 to sign up your little buckaroo for lessons.

Horse~Crazy Camp for Horse~Crazy Kids Only!



9-5:30 Monday-Thursdays, 9-4pm Fridays

Ride Western like the Cowboys

Ride Bareback to improve your balance

Ride a different horse each week or the same one all summer

Trail Riding, Arena Riding—Learn Cowboy Dressage, Corral Riding—Barrel Racing, Cone-Bending, Patterns, Stall cleaning, Tack cleaning, Horse cleaning!

Horse Shows—FUN, FUN, FUN!

$3825. ~ All Summer - (8 Weeks)

$2950. ~ Six Weeks $1999. ~ Four Weeks!

$1549. ~ Three Weeks

$ 1009. ~ Two Weeks $ 549.~ One Week

Email for a

Horse-Crazy Camp Application


Yes, you can earn your 'green shirt' if you're ready.


Tween or Teen Cowgirl/Cowboy-In-Training Camp

Been to Camp Horse Country twice before? Are you 10 & up?

Be a Tween or Teen Camp Counselor.


Improve your riding,  Learn to Teach and Learn Leadership Skills in our one week CIT Training Camp.

Practice ground work and natural horsemanship techniques in this intensive riding camp.

Coach new riders in our “Wild West” day-camps and help teach them about horses.

Mondays - Thursdays 8:00 - 6:00 PM

Fridays 8:00 - 4:00 PM

 $499 Training Week

 Camp Counseling Weeks ~ $175 Per Week for CIT graduates. 

Email for a "Cowgirl/Cowboy-In-Training Camp" application.

Here's our Super Simple Registration Process:

1. Email for your child's camp application.

2. Fill out the application and send it by pony express to Camp Horse Country at Horse Country Farm,
 P.O. Box 2, Granite Falls, WA 98252 or:

3. Email the application to or

4. You can send your $75.00 non-refundable deposit with your application or

5. Pay it with Pay Pal down below - just click on the link.

Use PayPal to Register for Horse Country Day Camps
Once you have chosen your camp program . . . .
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      • Fill out the application.
      • Note on it that the payment will be made using PayPal. 
      • Email the application to:  
      • Now click on the PayPal button. 
      • You will then be re-directed to the PayPal website. 
      • Follow their on-screen directions to complete your registration.
When your application and payment are received by Camp Horse Country, we will send confirmation letters close to your camp date. If there is any confusion, we will contact you by phone or email. Of course, we always welcome your calls or emails!
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 Horse Country Day Camps
After you've registered for camp . . . .
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